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holyyyyy shiiiiit LoL [28 Jul 2003|04:33pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Melissa13086 (4:30:12 PM): i'm gunna ask if he was at the mall
ByTwilight17 (4:30:18 PM): lmao ok
Melissa13086 (4:31:02 PM): ROFL
Melissa13086 (4:31:23 PM): DAMN...hes got some big HOOTERS
Melissa13086 (4:31:29 PM): Melissa13086: were you at the mall last sunday (not yesterday, the sunday before that)?
Snap3117: yup
Melissa13086: with ur friend?
Snap3117: y did usee me??
Snap3117: one of em lol
Melissa13086: yeah, i saw you
ByTwilight17 (4:31:45 PM): ROFLMFAO OMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGMelissa13086 (4:31:59 PM): lolololololol
Melissa13086 (4:32:02 PM): DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Melissa13086 (4:32:21 PM): well, its been a week, so i'm sure hes prolly up to f's by now
ByTwilight17 (4:32:31 PM): ahahhaha omg he needs to lend me a piece of those or something
ByTwilight17 (4:32:34 PM): hahahah

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:] [24 Jul 2003|11:00am]
[ mood | happy ]

a day to remember.. July, 23rd, 2003


Yesterday was fun as hell! I have come to the conclusion that I suck @ Pool but what can ya do! Ghetto is a smart one with tryin to kick the pool ball that Matt shot off the table! LMAO broke his toe almost! And DAN! YOur ass is grass! i'll come up with a comeback thenext time I SEE YOU!!! You're just angry with the world today aren't you!? LOL

well anyhow.. I gotta jet for a few i'll be back to put more details in later.

Break the Silence -;-

For starters.. [22 Jul 2003|09:19pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Thanks everyone that tried to cheer me up last night when I was feeling like a miserable pile of SHIT. Thanks for all the support & all, I appreciate it so much. Thanks yall!;]

On a different note.. I didn't really do much today. I mean, I didn't go to bed til sometime past 3am this morning because let's take a guess as to why.. well Matt called me @ around 12 something at night.. and we chatted. He cheered me up some which was good and just talked which is funny as hell as always! I was forbidden to fall asleep because he didn't have work on Tuesday so he decided to keep me awake/up. He's gonna be working East Coast by himself so I think i'll go with my plan to go help out because I have never been there before either. He doesnt' think I'll go through with that plan! RIGHT. YOu'll see!

Anywho.. by the time it was 3am something.. both of us were falling asleep on the phone so we said goodbye & such! Anyhow.. He said he'd call me whenever he woke up or before he leaves today.

I woke up @ 9am which was alright. Didn't do much @ all today. Just chilled & rested.. caught back on some much needed SLEEP. Matt ended up callin me around 1pm. Talked for a bit and it was funny as always. Then Ghetto came and they left for the Hotel and stuff for the party tonite. He said he'd prolly end up callin me tonight sometime to see whats up etc. So, that's cool.


His real b-day is tomorrow. Indeed.

Today I also talked to Meliss on the phone.. she called me while i was napping. She had her senior pics done and said they turned out good! I need to schedule an appointment for myself soon for that stuff.

So that's my story.

I decided today what my EQ song willbe for nationals. This is the night, by Clay Aiken. It's an amazing song that will work out perfectly!! Lyrics are incredible too!

Kreig called tonight so we talked a bit. then he had to go kus Casey arrived. FUN. uh huh.

so that's my story.. indeed.

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well that's just Dandy [21 Jul 2003|10:55pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Sometimes i really wonder why people even bother associating with me..? I mean, who the hell wants to be friends with or even associated with someone who is so negative and is so fuckin stupid it's not even funny.

I can't even do well with the one thing that I love the most. Seriously I can't ride for fuckin shit. What the hell. All these years my dream and goal was to become successful at nationals with Profit and to one day, win those roses.. but ya right is Profit going to actually win those with me? COURSE NOT. Why in the hell would he? Kus he won't. Maybe my mom was right about me & nationals.. I went the past 3 yrs and haven't won yet kus I keep screwing up EACH FUCKIN TIME. Well what the hell. Maybe she's right after all.. that I don't belong there..

Well fuck it.. I'm going to be the laughing stock in Equitaiton @ nationals this year.. fuckin dandy. I wish I could have the self confidence that so many of those other succesful riders have on the circuit. Why can't I be a good rider like them? ANd ACtually NOT SCREW UP EVERY DAMN TIME!?! Perhaps I'm just not good enough. I'm so stupid, how did I not notice this.

Profit deserves someone who can actually RIDE, not be a failure like myself. Ugh.. I'm sorry Profit if I have let you down.. i'm sorry..

i'm just a fuckin idiot.

Alright so there you have it. Tiffany Yancey just admitted that she fucking SUCKS @ riding.

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whoo! Did ya miss me!? [21 Jul 2003|12:47am]
[ mood | excited ]

Alrighty so where do i start.

;; Friday ;;

I went to the farm @ around 9am (i left my house) and got there @ like 10:30. Brought some clothes to change into & all that good stuff. I helped Rosa lunge horses and did whatever to help and had fun. Yup yup! Anywho.. had a good day. Sarah & her mom came down to check out the farm so that was cooL! ;D Yay!! I so hope that they bring Werdikt down and come train with is!! Fingers Crossed!! :D They're frickne awsome!

After we were done with everything, me & matt went into the office with the others and Mary got this email from her Nephew Mike that was this game.. an online game.. a michael jackson game.. LOL YOu had to catch the babies he threw off the building with a basket! LMAO. I WON!!! Mary had the lowest score!! She claims that she didn't try.. SURE MARY SURE! haha Pat was gettin all into it and competitive!! haha it was funny as hell! BUT I WAS THE VICTOR!!!! After that, I went with Matt to his house. Met his Mom, Dad and Lil bro, and then I went and changed. We waited for Steve-o aka Scarey sketchy steve to come check out his car to tell him what was wrong with it.. YWEAAHh.. that car is SHOT. After Steve left, Dan came over and he was cool. Apparently Steve is a practiciing wiccan. He Was very nice to me though so I have no complaints. While Matthew was takin a shower I was talkin to Dan downstairs @ the table in the kitchen area kinda dining room area. That kid is hillarious! Mmhm!! Finally Matt got done takin a shower & gettin clean so he could go and impress his girlie, Beth. We all headed out to the Danbury Mall.

At the mall, I met FRED. ENOUGH SAID there. Haha. Ahem. SCAREY PERSON!!! WARNING! haha. Then we met Beth & her friends. And I also got to meet Ghetto.. whos real name is ANthony but they just renamed him Ghetto. He's cool. I got to meet Beth who was real nice. She was the best out of her groupy.. her friends, we weren't too fond of. Then Matt when shopping for Shoes and stuff. Meanwhile Dan was having heart trauma because he HATES the mall.

Wandered around, chatted some more, wandered more and then the decision was made that we were gonna split. Me, Matt and Ghetto went to the Diner and Beth & Co went.. well I dono where. @ the diner.. Ghetto had heart trauma.. We tried to calm him down. Sorta succeeded. Then Beth & Pam came and we all chatted and then the rest of the girls came.. Gag me now. Ugh.

I ended up leaving @ around 11:20pm kus I had to get home & wake up the next morning to drive out to the farm. Needless to say I got home late @ quarter to 1am. And yes I SPED home haha.

That was a fun Night. Yes Matthew I approve of her! :D

;; Saturday ;;

now this was a GREAT day!! First off I was supposed to be @ the farm @ 9am like I had said but I didn't. Mhmmm. I woke up late because I was exhausted from friday night. Go fig. Anywho.. I brought my dog, Nick, along with me to the farm. Stopped @ the gas station to get Matt's Starbucks coffee thing and bought all they had. Then went to the farm & stuff. we all went to lunch & that was cool then came back and I rode Profit. That was an interesting ride to say the least. haha he's such a dorkis!! Then Nikki rode Miss KY and that was an awsome go!!! After that we all chilled and talked and then when all the chores were done, we decided to go out to dinner @ The Hatch. This restaurant is right off the river "around the corner" as Pat & Mary like to say. It was Mary, Nikki, Alice, Pat, Mike and I that went out to dinner! IT was fricken awsome!!!! Talk about fun! We made a new friend named Victor thanks to Alice hahaha.. And then I started a food fight ahhaha that was o so lovely!! Mary like died of laughter because of that. We pissed off some chic behind us kus we threw stuff onto her and her bf/husband or whatever. That was way amusing! We got done with dinner @ Around say.... 8pm?? Pat went to drop Mike off @ the train station then Me, Mary, Nikki & Alice went to the farm because Mary had to give check on the babies etc. We got back to the farm then followed (SOMEWHAT) Mary back to her house so she could change. THen we headed out to meet Pat @ the movies in New Milford (Where the movie, Mr. Deeds was filmed). We got to New Milford.. we were all a little.. crazy haha. We started to call Pat, ATM!!! hahaha that was nuts. We all went to see Pirates of the Carribean!! That movie is just absolutely BRILLIANT!! We all loved it needless to say. This was Nikki's 3rd time watching it and my 2nd time watchin git. Mary got a kick out of that movie hahaha. Def a see again film!! And yes anyways.. After the movies I went back to the farm (Pat & Mary dropped me off) to get my dog Nick who stayed in the mare barn in a stall. He wasn't too happy with me. But yea by then it was quarter of 12. Needless to say the trip home was terrible because tiff was EXHAUTED!!!! >:O But i got home @ 1:45am! Score!

I got home and that was that.

;; Sunday ;;

I didn't really do much @ all.. @ around 4pm, I went to 6 Flags with Kreig. He picked me up. I really like his car. It's a Subaru Outback mmhmm! Anyweeeees, we went to 6 flags and that was a blast!! We went on two rides though only.. the lines were long as helllllll! We went on the Mind eraser first and that KILLED MY EARS! MY piercings in my right ear started to bleed. ;[ :: sigh :: then we went on the Superman and that wait was FOREVER!! But it was worthit!! :D Afterwards we wandered around, had some fried dough, chilled and all that good stuff. I had a lot of fun and he said he did too! We left the theme park @ around 9pm and headed back home to CT. I hadn't hung out with him in like forever, and this was the most fun I had with him in a longggggggg time! He was very happy. He definately has changed quite a bit. Talk about growing up some more. Good boy! ha..

After that I got home @ like ... hummmm.... 10 or something. I don't remember. Came home and talked to a groupie of people! People seem to be comin to me for help with the relationship info. What I don't get is WHY ME? HOW Successful am i with them? Perdy damn NOT successful if you ask me! Psshaw to that shizzay! And then, so ya. Piper called me like 3 times but when I called back she never picked up! Lil TURD!! I WANA KNOW HOW YN IS!!!! YOU BEST BE KICKEN BOOOOOTAY LIKE YOU SHOULD MISS THANG!!! YOU AND MISS. WC BEY JULIET BETTER BE KICKIN SOME BOOTAY IN THE HA WP JTR & JOTR 14-17 DIVISION!!!!!! KNOCK EM DOWN BABY!! =]

Anywho, sometime around I don't know, 10:30 or so, Matt signed on and immed me and then called me after Piper call. Something like that. Then we chatted. He's definately my advice person as well. He was slightly buzzed but then it died off. He's callin Beth right now to have a "Talk" about what is goin on. For all I care, she neeeds to make up her mind with what she wants kus it ain't fair to my pal over here to keep waitin on her, kus dude, no. She's a great girl definately but she needs to figure things out. So yea. Good luck to you bud! If he's gonna call he said he'd sign on sometime before 1:30am.. if he signs on, that means things aren't too good is my guess.. and if he doesn't, things are good. So let's hope for the best for them two! For his bday I guess they're renting a hotel room and gettin trashed completely haha, how could I not have guessed that one!! But yea, East Coast I bet will be some fun! I wana ask Mary & Pat if I can go to work & help out! That'll be great. Matt says I gotta live in the stalls with them one of these days kus thats where the real fun is! haha I bet. They both think I'm a freak! I so am not! I'm an innocent angel! :X hahah right. So that's about it!

I think I just broke some cartilage bone on my left ear thing. EEEK! As for today, aka MONDAY. I don't know what I"m doin.. probably resting is the good plan of mine for now! ;D

Matt and I planned that we're goin to 6 Flags one these days, and that's gonna be his bday present from me. Mhmm! That'll be a fricken blast!! He's giving me lots of advice on the relationship issues i have. GOod deal dude! My own personal maseause (i definately just butchered that word. eep!)

well im out for now! take care

-;- 1 Silent Dream Break the Silence -;-

broken words [18 Jul 2003|01:53am]
[ mood | lonely ]

Besides the fact that I was crying a few mins ago and am spilling my heart out/guts to Kreig right now.... yeah things are just swell.

It's a good thing though. definately.. I think we're actually accomplishing something from this conversation.. whether it be for good or just more to our friendhsip.

and there is a fly on my comp screen and it's harassing it and it needs to leave right about.. NOW.

ok i'm gonna jet now though..

-;- 1 Silent Dream Break the Silence -;-

WWWWWWEEEEEEEEE!! [18 Jul 2003|12:57am]
[ mood | giggly ]

a;slkdfa;lksdjfas OOOOOOMMMMGGG

I'm so fuckin hyper right now and happy it's not even funny and I need to wake up early tomorrow so I can go out to the farm!

Katheryn is like in love with Nick & Nick Likes her back!! Yay for them! ;D hehehe. Now Girlfriend, go ahead and MAKE A MOVE!!

Anyways I was chattin along with Ames kus she was having boy problems and a certain person we now renamed HERPES is being a retard. Amy-Poo.. How aaahhhhhhhrreee YOUUUUUU!? ;D Definately go along with the plan til the end of the trip mmmmk? Yeahh! hehehe Rak on!

Anyways.. Kreig & I were talkin about the past again and just chattin along like ole friends and I was listenin to My Immortal and Suddenly my CELL RINGS.. I was like who's callin me @ 12:15 at night christ! It was Matt! hahaha.

Anyways we chatted for a bit but the he had to go again kus Superslut arrived @ his house & he went to talk to her kus apparently she may be preggo.. probably to her own brother, i wouldn't be surprised.

Anywho.. I'm goin to the farm tomorrow hopefully and then after the farm Matt & I are going SHOPPING!! No Spree though! ;[ SPREEE!!!! WEEE!! hahaha.. Anyways.. he's a cool kid & veddy nice. We both need to go SHOE SHOPPING Kus we like have NONE.

Anyhow he said he'd let Pat & Mary know I'm coming maybe.. as long as they don't mind me showing up to help out! Then after the farm we're goin to the mall .. ME FINKS.. so that means I gotta bring clothes to change into! mmmhmm! I'm psyched! He told me not to be sad and to be happy!! And he said no cookies for me though! But I share my cookies though!!!!

ANyways.. He eventually had to go because superslut arrived. hehe. Thas k!

I also talked to Vin Vin Tonight and I hope I helped you some!! FEEL BETTER Vin Vin!!! If ya ever need me, you know how to reach me! ;]

alright i'm out like a trout baby!

damn that was lame.. ;]

Break the Silence -;-

Fffffffffffffffffooooooook [17 Jul 2003|05:17pm]
[ mood | sad ]

"Do you know
The story from the start
And do you know me
Like you've always told me
Do you see the whispers in my heart against your kindness
My eternal blindness
Do you see...

Do you see a brighter day for me
Another day
A day
Do you wonder whats in store for me
The cure for me
The way
Oh look down and see the tears I've cried
The lives I've lived
The deaths I've died
Would you die them too
And all for me"

ok this whole feelin low & shitty thing needs to go away before I do something or think of something STUPID.

i hate feeling like this...

I know that things ended for the better & it's definately better for the both of us just to remain friends & nothing more.... but sometimes it's just so hard to.... believe..... AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! PUNCH ME!! PROFIT WHERE ARE YOU WHEN I NEED YOU TO KICK ME IN THE HEAD AGAIN!!!!!!! ;alskdjfaslkdjfalskdjf....

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;\ [17 Jul 2003|05:12pm]
[ mood | lonely ]




:: sigh ::

Someone really needs to call me now before i scream & break down............

Break the Silence -;-

;laksjfd;alksjf [17 Jul 2003|04:55pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i've come to the conclusion that i have NO FRIENDS! Or i DO but they're just like a million miles away!! AHHHH!!!!

i'm out for now.. being bored to tears.. or everyone is fricken poor and have no money to do anything!!!

as;djfklajsdf;lkj!!!!!!!!! ugh

Break the Silence -;-

All About ME! [17 Jul 2003|01:47pm]
[ mood | silly ]

*Name* Tiffany

*Were you named after anyone?* nopers

*Do you wish on stars?* i gave up on that crap

*Have you ever consumed gasoline?* uh no

*Which finger is your favorite finger?* my thumb

*When did you last cry?*few nights ago..

*If you were making a movie about yourself, who would play you?* myself

*Who are you jealous of?* the people who are so wealthy and have 900 beautiful talented horses shoved in their face that they dont' even appreciate..

*What is the most important thing in your life?* Profit AA+/

*Have you ever screamed at your feet?* Knowing me.. Probably!

*What is your favorite lunch meat?* um i don't know.

*Have you ever owned a spork?* Spork! Spork! SPork!

*Any bad habits?* pickin @ my nails & such

*What store would you never be caught dead in?* i have no idea

*If you were another person, would you want to be friends WITH you?* who would.

*Are you a daredevil?* ummm

*Do you follow or lead?* leader

*Do you play with your food?* probably

*Have you ever had someone else play with your food?* um NO they're not allowd to touch my food unless i let them.

*Have you ever told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell?* no

*Have you ever stolen anything?* a cookie.. isn't that surprising lolol

*What was the biggest thing you have ever broken?* a christmas tree

*Have you ever given yourself a swirly?* a WHAT?

*Do you pray?* no

*Have you ever met anyone famous?* my trainer! :D

*Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?* ummmm

*Are you trendy?* i wear as i please!

*What do you do to vent anger?* i keep it balled up inside of me...

*Who is your second family?* The Spinellas & Flebottes & Betti's christ i have too many..

*Do you trust others easily?* too easily.. :: sigh ::

*What class in school did you think was totally useless?* pretty much everything

*Do you like sappy love songs?* mmhmm

*Have you ever been on radio or T.V?* Yuppers

*Do you have a journal?* Yep :D

*Have you ever hurt another person?* probably yes

*Have you ever given advice to others* i seem to be their advice person which i don't mind @ all.

*Have you ever been in a mosh pit* no

*Do you feel understood most of the time?* NO

*Do you know what a `sctief' is?* no wtf is that anyways.

*What is your nickname?* i have too many but here are a few.. Tiff, Tiffers, Tiffy, Tiff Tiff, Tiffy Wiffy, Iffy, Tiffness, Sniff, Sped shit, Spedmonkey, Dork, Dorkis, Shaniqua, Chispa, Sparky, Tiffety wiffety, Gnome-e, Spedwonder.. mmhmm

*Would you ever bungee jump?* uhhuh

*Do you untie your shoes everytime you take them off?* no

*Have you ever given money to a bum?* yup

*What are you worried about right now?* i'm bored to fuckin tears!

*Do you wear overalls?* i do but i don't own a pair currently!

*Do you think you are strong, physically, mentally, emotionally?* NO to all.

*What's your favorite scent?* fresh cut grass/hay.. Hugo!, Horses! Horse Shows!

*What's the worst show on T.V.?* Uhh i dono.

*What's the best TV show?* Unsolved Mysteries, Law & Order, NYPD BLue, ER, WilL & Grace

*Last Words* Squeee!

*Name you wish you had* i like my name alot actually.

*What Shampoo do you use?* Vive

*Favorite color* metallic blue, BLUE, RED, SILVER & Black

*Favorite Person* i have several

*Height* 5'4 & a half!

*Shoe Size* 8 or 8 & 1/2

*Hair Color* reddish brown

*Eye Color* light brown

*Pets* 2 Siberian Huskies, 1 Pied Cockitiel, and 1 Arabian horse!

*Pets you wish you had* a WELSH CORGI LIKE BENTLY!!!

*What time is it right now?* 1:35pm

*Last movie you saw in theater?* Pirates of the Carribean with Nik!

*Last movie you rented* Basic!

*Favorite School Subject?* Psychology & Health hehehe

*Do you actually like math?* nnoooooo

*Favorite Book* Seabiscuit

*Favorite Store* Aeropostale, Pacific Sun, AE, AF, Old Navy

*Favorite Song* My Immortal - Evanescence.. and Could I Just be You - Matchbox 20 and Hero by Chad Kroeger!

*Favorite cologne for a guy* HUGO ALL THE WAY BABY!! mmm... :: drools ::

*What languages do you speak?* too many

*What do you look for in a friend?* trust worthy, honesty, caring, friendly, outgoing, funny, good personality, hard working, dedicated, all that good stuff.

*What do you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend?* good personality, funny, out going, a nut, trust worthy, caring, honesty, dedicated, likes horses, supportive, tall, dark hair, light eyes.. fun to be around & talkative!

*Do you have a crush on anyone?* that's for me to know & you to find out! :D

*Who?* :P my close friends know who it is.. RIGHT GUyS!!? hehehe :P

*How many people are on your buddy list?* 199 on my aol buddy list.

*Who's your favorite relative* My Grandmother

*What type of music do you like?* alternative, rock, 80's rock, soft rock, some punk & emo.
*What are your favorite sports?* EQUESTRIAN!

*Are you on any sports teams?* no

What are your opinions on...

*Eating Disorders* sad

*Rap* ew

*Marilyn Manson* ew

*Boy Bands* funny

*Spice girls* herrre we go again

*Titanic* leonardo Dicraprio can die

*South Park* TImmmmmmmmmmyy!

When you hear this name, who/what do you think of...

*Matt* EMPHATYGALS!?!?! hahahah Reg 14, 15 & 16 was a blast this year and you still need to tell me what those Private convos between you & Profit were about or i'll be forced to pry it out of Prof kus he will tell me! Canadian Nationals is gonna be fricken AmAZiNG!
*Summer* i dono anyone named summer

*Brad* paisley

*Tiffany* I AM AWSOME!! heheheh... Besides myself.. the HERMAPHRODITE!? AHahahah

*Paul* :: shudder ::

*Abby* um dono

*Stephen* my friends bro

*Bryan* Stace what do you have to say? LOL

*Lisa* She's a great rider!

*Jenny* Rides with Springwater

*Becca* haha marcy that's too funny that yall end up @ the same place.

*Greg* o my shit this man was so beautiful I almost shit myself. :: DROOLS ::

More Random Questions...

*What C.D's in your C.D. player right now?* Evanescence

*What does your school look like?* peice of shit

*Do you go to private or public school?* public

*Do you want to get married?* i suppose

*What's something you do that TICKS off your friends?* breathing

*What's your favorite music video?* I don't know

Either or Neither...

*MTV or VH1?* MTV

*Backstreet Boys or N*SYNC* BSB i'm listenin to Larger than Life LMAO

*7th Heaven or Party of Five* both?

*Diet Pepsi or Pepsi One* ewww

*Brandy or Monica* eh no

*Vanilla or Chocolate* Vanilla!

*Saved by the Bell or USA High?* Saved by the Bell

*I know What you did last summer or Scream?* neither

*Taken or Single* i'm single but i'd rather be taken...

*Silver or Gold* Both

*Jerry Springer or Ricki Lake* I always thought it was Sally JR not sally jessi raphael.. lol

The Last of the Random Questions...

*Favorite Name for a girl* Skyler, Tiffany, Piper, Ashton & Devon

*Favorite Name for a boy* Devon, Sebastian, Greg, Matt, Dave, Chad, & Joel

*Ever been to England* nope

*Where do you want to go on your honeymoon* no idea

*What do you think of the song,"Pretty Fly 4 a White Guy"?* how aboout "Pretty fly for a Rabbii(sp?)" lmao...

*Vegetarian?* i'd die if i was!

*Know anyone who is?* yepp

*If you could move anywhere in the world where would it be?* Next door to Trowbridges!

*Do you want to join a sorority or fraternity?* nooooo

*What time is it now?* time for tiff to rest or find food.

-;- 1 Silent Dream Break the Silence -;-

survey for me.. survey for you [17 Jul 2003|10:31am]
[ mood | giggly ]


What does your name mean? i have no freakin clue

How old are you? 17 & a half if ya wana get technical!

How old are you mentally? older

Describe yourself in 5 words: strange, outgoing, dedicated, nuts, dork.

What are your worst qualities? lack of self confidence.... & dependant on people @ times..

What are your best qualities? dedicated, hard working, i won't ever give up, i try my hardest to acheive my goals, good listener, kind, fun.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? an hour depending.


Do you dream at night? ya @ times unless I'm on the phone with a certain Somebody.

Do you remember your dreams? Shamu!?

What time do you go to bed usually? who knows

What time do you wake up normally? 10 somethin or 11 somethin

What time do you wake on weekends? saturdays earlier so i can go to the farm


Do you like school? that's negative

Why/why not? because it's a waste of time.

What's your favorite subject? psychology & health

Ever had a crush on a teacher? read above. HEALTH. HAHAHAH oooooooooh my god. ok hi.

Are you a math/science person or an english/drama person? englsih


Do you have heaps of friends? i keep them low

Do you have a best friend? yep

Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends? currently? More girls.


Do you like your parents? my mom @ times

Ever run away from home? surprisingly.. no

Do you have any siblings? half bro, Mike 27

Do you feel your parents spoil you? who isn't spoiled...??


Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nope I'm single & have been for over a month now!

Most romantic thing they've ever done for you? hmm

Do you have a crush? YuP!!! ;D

If so, are you in love? --

Do they know you like them? no idea

Is it serious or playful? i'm not sure

Ever done something stupid to impress them? nope

Have you ever experienced unrequited love? um


Ever had sex? --

Do you believe that a person shouldn't have sex before marriage? its each persons choice.

Believe in casual sex? you man whore you!

When do you plan/when did you lose your virginity? la te da.


Have you ever been drunk? no & the boys are tryin to get me drunk for Canada haha

Taken drugs? no

Stolen? a COOKIE!

Shoplifted? you're blind

Tried to commit suicide? no

Lied to a boyfriend or girlfriend? prolly

Are you more innocent or guilty? innocent! RIght STACE!?!

Are you racist? nope. Matt & No you cannot Hang the confederate flag up!

Are you discriminatory to anyone? yep, sad huh.

Have you been a hypocrite in the past? who hasn't.

Do you have an open or closed mind to other peoples beliefs and feelings? open most the times.


Do you watch tons of tv? nope

How many times have you been to the movies in the past 6 months? probably 5 lol

Do you listen to the radio often? in my car

Do you read the newspaper? @ times

Do you read magazines? AHT & AHW and stuff

Are you a couch potato? nope kus I don't wana become a big fat tub of lard!


Whats your favorite style of music? alternative, rock, 80's rock, emo, and some punk rock.

Do you play an instrument? no

Do you sing? in the car/truck!

Whats your favorite band? Matchbox Twenty & Evanescence

Have you met them before? HCJ!! OMG OMG


Are you funny or serious? both it depends on the situation.

Creative or not? creative

Are you outgoing or shy? outgoing & also shy

Are you lazy or active? mostly active

Have you ever been hyperactive? oooo yes it's call a Tiffy High.

Are you a naturally hyperactive person? yup lol not as crazy as Pat & Matt though!


Are you happy with the way you look? i suppose.. =\

What would you change? i <3 my body that's for sure

Do you wear makeup regularly? not when i'm sleepin. just a lil bit regularly.

Do you have a large wardrobe? a decent sized. ok well people think I do but I don't.


Your all time most embarrassing moment? o lord.. too many

Ever giggled like an idiot? no shit sherlock!

Ever had funny thoughts and laughed and no one understood? all the time but usually they're inside jokes with the crew & they all catch on such as.. EMPHATYGALS!?!! hahahah

Break the Silence -;-

Amy Amy Amy.. :: Grins :: [17 Jul 2003|12:55am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

AceNSH92 (11:33:42 PM): ljsil;jaslk;fjaskjdfioejakjvn
ByTwilight17 (11:33:47 PM): ?????????
AceNSH92 (11:33:52 PM): that's chezeclovakian for fuck me running
AceNSH92 (11:33:52 PM): lol
ByTwilight17 (11:34:00 PM): LMAO
ByTwilight17 (11:34:08 PM): i dind't know you spoke czech!
AceNSH92 (11:34:12 PM): lol
AceNSH92 (11:34:40 PM): i speak frustration right now
ByTwilight17 (11:34:49 PM): asldk;fasdjfa;lskdjf aslkdfjal;skdjfalskjf
ByTwilight17 (11:34:52 PM): that's tanzanian
AceNSH92 (11:35:08 PM): lol

Break the Silence -;-

so it's done [17 Jul 2003|12:53am]
[ mood | content ]

Tonite.. Kreig & I settled things out once & for all.
And we're now just friends which is def for the better.. We actually had a good and funny convo for once. It's real nice.. We were jokin around talkin about guys & girls and STD's, parties and all that good stuff. =] I'm glad. It's def for the better. We actually GOT along! Isn't that amazing! He talked about who he has a crush on and what's goin on for him and all that and I talked about my guy situation as well. =P which i won't really mention in here because well yah. =X Kus I dono yet. So that's my news for the night!

Matt is out somewhere Partying or something or... his car is stuck in the middle of assfuck no wheresville so who knows.. Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous out!! I wana go to 6 Flags so i'm gonna see if he wants to go or something. That'll be fun as hell! ;D

so i'm gonna go to bed now! Good night my children!

PS.. Thanks Stace for everything! =]

Break the Silence -;-

Bwahahahahaha 0;D [16 Jul 2003|10:34pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

Drms of rses (10:27:53 PM): lol is Spike going to turn into a gigantic cheeto? lol
ByTwilight17 (10:28:04 PM): yes probably
ByTwilight17 (10:28:09 PM): now he's attacking my magizines
Drms of rses (10:28:11 PM): lmao
ByTwilight17 (10:28:15 PM): and pretending he's innocent
Drms of rses (10:28:19 PM): LOL
ByTwilight17 (10:28:20 PM): by sitting all fat and such
Drms of rses (10:28:22 PM): just like you!!!
Drms of rses (10:28:24 PM): hahaha
ByTwilight17 (10:28:29 PM): lolol i AM innocent what are you talkin about
ByTwilight17 (10:28:32 PM): that incident never happend
Drms of rses (10:28:42 PM): bull shit... lmao that's like saying i'm innocent
Drms of rses (10:28:56 PM): everyone thinks i am tho O:-):-D
ByTwilight17 (10:29:14 PM): lololol you and me man we're innocent angels
Drms of rses (10:29:23 PM): of course-ums lol
Drms of rses (10:29:56 PM): *duct tapes Tiff's pants on* lmao
ByTwilight17 (10:30:05 PM): lololol
Drms of rses (10:30:19 PM): forget condoms lmao jk
Drms of rses (10:30:44 PM): if you duct tape your pants on it will never get that far and you wont even need condoms lmao
ByTwilight17 (10:30:49 PM): LMAO
ByTwilight17 (10:30:52 PM): ahahahahhahahaha
ByTwilight17 (10:30:53 PM): oooommmggg
ByTwilight17 (10:30:55 PM): good idea
Drms of rses (10:30:58 PM): LOL
ByTwilight17 (10:30:58 PM): i will tell my doc that
Drms of rses (10:31:12 PM): see I am a Gene-E!-US lol
ByTwilight17 (10:31:58 PM): oh ya baby!

-;- 1 Silent Dream Break the Silence -;-

mrawr [16 Jul 2003|10:09pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Yall like my new layout? ;D it's b-e-a-u-tiful!!

Check out Stacers'es too!! it's coooooool dude! :D

Anywho.. that's my story for now!!! I HATE THE DENTIST!! AHHHH!!!! Bah to that crapola. ;[

-;- 1 Silent Dream Break the Silence -;-

amused [16 Jul 2003|05:23pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Matt called my cell a few mins ago & left a message.

AFter some phone tag he told me a story.

Nik, Pat, Matt & I were right after all!! ahhahaha...

o well how sad! I was quite entertained.

Break the Silence -;-

days go by [16 Jul 2003|02:47pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Good Afternoon yall!</marquee>

For the past few days aka Monday + Today.. I have woken up @ around... hmm 11:30am & later. =P Hey.. what can I say! I need the rest! :D eehehe. Let's recap yesterdays adventures.. shall well!?

Well for starters, I woke up @ 11:30am on Monday.. and I went online as always and chatted away. Meliss came home randomly @ like 1:30 and I was confused. We made plans to go out & that we did. She went with me to my Doc Appt, which was a Physical.. Yes I feel VIOLATED. Thank you Very Much! Grr!! I also had a Tetnus shot which sucked major Squirrel nuts!! It HURTS STILL!! Anyways.. after that we went to the East Field Mall and I went shopping! I got my perfume finally @ American Eagle.. and a pair of light light light pale khaki colored cargo pants which are fricken amazing!! Then we went to Aeropostale where I proceeded to buy a maroon colored Hoodie :D Mmhmm!! And then I bought a pair of White Sweat pants they're so soft.. and then I bought a pair of Black cargo pants which i LOVE.. and a pair of khaki cargo pants! :] Indeed it's amazing. Then after that we went to Pacific Sun.. and I bought a new wallet :P & I <3 this new wallet of mine!! After the shopping spree.. we sat down & got some pretzels and munched.. then headed to food mart to find the candy I wanted that i DID NOT FIND. Then headed to my house afterwards, and got my camera then went to Melsa's house.

We waited for Goose and he finally got there.. stupid traffic. Anyways, we then went to the gas station & then CVS to develop the pictures from the shows. Plus.. Meliss wanted to see a certain SOMEONE's Pics hehehe.. =P ANyways... we then went & got our pizza & such and then I went to get my pics.. and we also rented the movie, Basic. Which is amazing as always!

Anyways.. after the movie I went home.. and Talked to my friends online & then Matt on the phone. He's a freak! Super freak!! He has to work today @ the farm. And he best tell my baby boy, P - Wiggle, Hi or his ass is gonna be roasted!!! He's gona bring me shoppin one these days mmhmm. Shit, Canadian Nationals is gonna be a BLAST!!! Can't WAIT!! It'll be Me, Nik, Slick (Pat) & Slim (Matt). YEAH BABY!!!! It'll be a blast!! I cannot wait!! Weeeee!!! Canadia.. HERE COMES THE TROWBRIDGE CREW!

PS.. Matt.. no you won't be going to OzzFest.. because.. WE LEAVE FOR CANADIA THEN SMART CHILD!?! hahahaa Ssshhh!

ANyways... yea that's my story.. Today I have a dentist appointment @ 3:20pm..

Then i'm gonna go get a car wash & clean my car out so it's all shiney & spiffy!! And I need to find my drivers license since i.. LOST IT!?

so i'm out for now yall!!

Break the Silence -;-

hells yes it was a blast! [14 Jul 2003|11:25pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I'm back from Region 16 now! =D

I know.. yall missed me a ton! haha right.

Region 16 was a blast!! Like all shows are with Trowbridges! =]

I drove up with Sarah & her mom & dad that was fun.. the only stop we made when I was with them.. of all people who do we see..? Pat Trowbridge, Matt, Pat & Sarah! hahaha how funny is that? I ran after Pat Trowbridge into the store part of the gas station and was like knocking on the door/window and scared him. He was like how did you get here!? Hahah it was funny, then I found Matt, Pat & Sarah and they're like damn, where the did you come from!! We can't get rid of you huh! it was funny. Then they headed out & we did after gettin food etc.. Got to the show grounds & set up.. then I headed over to Trowbridge LTD and helped them set up.

The show was a blast.

First I must say this.

CONGRADULATIONS MISS U-TNN aka Nikki!!!! on your two Unanimous Championships with CheCheck!!! ANd Your Championship & Reserve Championship with BG Miss Khantucky!!!!!!!! AND YOUR TOP 5 IN EQUITATION MISS ANTI-EQ GIRL!!!!!! GO NIKKI YA!!!!! TNN ALL THE WAY BABY!!! THIRD NIP NIK! HAHAHAH =P

ANd Congradulations to everyone at Trowbridges!!!! Yall did great!!! Yay!!

Congradulations to Christy Stevens too with Rocket Man AA!! WOOO WOO!!!! =]

The show was sooo much fun!! I stayed with Sarah @ the hotel! Thanks Mary! =] I think I broke my left pinky or something. mhmm o well. Anyways.

I have so many stories from Reg 16 as well! But I will share them all later!

I slept over Nik's house last night & today we had a lot of fun! Pirates of the Carribean was so gooood!!! Mmhmmm!

but i'm goin to bed for now!! nite yall!!! more info later & stories! =]


-;- 2 Silent Dreams Break the Silence -;-

i'm.... baaackk!! [07 Jul 2003|09:08pm]
[ mood | happy ]

daaaayuuuummmmmm.. dude!

I know yall missed me tons! I know it =P

So now I'm finally back from Kentucky & Virginia. We got back to the farm this morning @ 6:30am.. after unloadin all the horses, Pat, Mary, Matt & I headed over to Pat & Mary's house. Unloaded our luggage.. Matt invited me to sleep over his house.. LOL but it was def much easier for me to just stay @ Pat & Mary's. So Matt drove the scarey truck home and we all headed in the house. I went upstairs & crashed. Woke up @ 3:30 this afternoon and Mary was downstairs. We chatted. I left @ 4pm to go home. I drove home with my windows down blastin the music.. Matt & Pat style. Hahha.

Anyways.. the shows were a blast!!

Region 14....

Trowbridges had a good show! Tiff got KICKED IN THE FUCKIN HEAD. The Medic dude was cute. Hahaha.. Cathy Vincent & I both agreed on that. He was my new friend. He was at both Reg 14 & 15. mmhmm mhm.. =P ANYwho.. LOL.

Reg 14 is beautiful!!! I got majorly sun burnt & everyone seemed to enjoy poking @ my chest and seeing how burnt I was. mhmm!

We top 5'd twice @ Reg 14.
And went Champ & Reserve @ Region 15. =]

The shows were a blast!!! But i'll enter more info & stories when I get home from Reg 16. I'm leavin tomorrow mornin with Sarah.

Yah I think I have a new admirer person.. but we'll see =]

-;- 3 Silent Dreams Break the Silence -;-

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