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a;slkdfa;lksdjfas OOOOOOMMMMGGG

I'm so fuckin hyper right now and happy it's not even funny and I need to wake up early tomorrow so I can go out to the farm!

Katheryn is like in love with Nick & Nick Likes her back!! Yay for them! ;D hehehe. Now Girlfriend, go ahead and MAKE A MOVE!!

Anyways I was chattin along with Ames kus she was having boy problems and a certain person we now renamed HERPES is being a retard. Amy-Poo.. How aaahhhhhhhrreee YOUUUUUU!? ;D Definately go along with the plan til the end of the trip mmmmk? Yeahh! hehehe Rak on!

Anyways.. Kreig & I were talkin about the past again and just chattin along like ole friends and I was listenin to My Immortal and Suddenly my CELL RINGS.. I was like who's callin me @ 12:15 at night christ! It was Matt! hahaha.

Anyways we chatted for a bit but the he had to go again kus Superslut arrived @ his house & he went to talk to her kus apparently she may be preggo.. probably to her own brother, i wouldn't be surprised.

Anywho.. I'm goin to the farm tomorrow hopefully and then after the farm Matt & I are going SHOPPING!! No Spree though! ;[ SPREEE!!!! WEEE!! hahaha.. Anyways.. he's a cool kid & veddy nice. We both need to go SHOE SHOPPING Kus we like have NONE.

Anyhow he said he'd let Pat & Mary know I'm coming maybe.. as long as they don't mind me showing up to help out! Then after the farm we're goin to the mall .. ME FINKS.. so that means I gotta bring clothes to change into! mmmhmm! I'm psyched! He told me not to be sad and to be happy!! And he said no cookies for me though! But I share my cookies though!!!!

ANyways.. He eventually had to go because superslut arrived. hehe. Thas k!

I also talked to Vin Vin Tonight and I hope I helped you some!! FEEL BETTER Vin Vin!!! If ya ever need me, you know how to reach me! ;]

alright i'm out like a trout baby!

damn that was lame.. ;]
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