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well that's just Dandy

Sometimes i really wonder why people even bother associating with me..? I mean, who the hell wants to be friends with or even associated with someone who is so negative and is so fuckin stupid it's not even funny.

I can't even do well with the one thing that I love the most. Seriously I can't ride for fuckin shit. What the hell. All these years my dream and goal was to become successful at nationals with Profit and to one day, win those roses.. but ya right is Profit going to actually win those with me? COURSE NOT. Why in the hell would he? Kus he won't. Maybe my mom was right about me & nationals.. I went the past 3 yrs and haven't won yet kus I keep screwing up EACH FUCKIN TIME. Well what the hell. Maybe she's right after all.. that I don't belong there..

Well fuck it.. I'm going to be the laughing stock in Equitaiton @ nationals this year.. fuckin dandy. I wish I could have the self confidence that so many of those other succesful riders have on the circuit. Why can't I be a good rider like them? ANd ACtually NOT SCREW UP EVERY DAMN TIME!?! Perhaps I'm just not good enough. I'm so stupid, how did I not notice this.

Profit deserves someone who can actually RIDE, not be a failure like myself. Ugh.. I'm sorry Profit if I have let you down.. i'm sorry..

i'm just a fuckin idiot.

Alright so there you have it. Tiffany Yancey just admitted that she fucking SUCKS @ riding.
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