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holyyyyy shiiiiit LoL

Melissa13086 (4:30:12 PM): i'm gunna ask if he was at the mall
ByTwilight17 (4:30:18 PM): lmao ok
Melissa13086 (4:31:02 PM): ROFL
Melissa13086 (4:31:23 PM): DAMN...hes got some big HOOTERS
Melissa13086 (4:31:29 PM): Melissa13086: were you at the mall last sunday (not yesterday, the sunday before that)?
Snap3117: yup
Melissa13086: with ur friend?
Snap3117: y did usee me??
Snap3117: one of em lol
Melissa13086: yeah, i saw you
ByTwilight17 (4:31:45 PM): ROFLMFAO OMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGMelissa13086 (4:31:59 PM): lolololololol
Melissa13086 (4:32:02 PM): DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Melissa13086 (4:32:21 PM): well, its been a week, so i'm sure hes prolly up to f's by now
ByTwilight17 (4:32:31 PM): ahahhaha omg he needs to lend me a piece of those or something
ByTwilight17 (4:32:34 PM): hahahah
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