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i'm.... baaackk!!

daaaayuuuummmmmm.. dude!

I know yall missed me tons! I know it =P

So now I'm finally back from Kentucky & Virginia. We got back to the farm this morning @ 6:30am.. after unloadin all the horses, Pat, Mary, Matt & I headed over to Pat & Mary's house. Unloaded our luggage.. Matt invited me to sleep over his house.. LOL but it was def much easier for me to just stay @ Pat & Mary's. So Matt drove the scarey truck home and we all headed in the house. I went upstairs & crashed. Woke up @ 3:30 this afternoon and Mary was downstairs. We chatted. I left @ 4pm to go home. I drove home with my windows down blastin the music.. Matt & Pat style. Hahha.

Anyways.. the shows were a blast!!

Region 14....

Trowbridges had a good show! Tiff got KICKED IN THE FUCKIN HEAD. The Medic dude was cute. Hahaha.. Cathy Vincent & I both agreed on that. He was my new friend. He was at both Reg 14 & 15. mmhmm mhm.. =P ANYwho.. LOL.

Reg 14 is beautiful!!! I got majorly sun burnt & everyone seemed to enjoy poking @ my chest and seeing how burnt I was. mhmm!

We top 5'd twice @ Reg 14.
And went Champ & Reserve @ Region 15. =]

The shows were a blast!!! But i'll enter more info & stories when I get home from Reg 16. I'm leavin tomorrow mornin with Sarah.

Yah I think I have a new admirer person.. but we'll see =]
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I'm proud of you guys! :-D Kick their asses at 16!

Hehehe my 1st regionals rocked ass, except the fucking motorcycle who blew our chance to top 5! GRR... :-D It kicked ass tho!

<3 you wishes at 16!
I'm glad everything went well for you while you were away. Cockachew missed you! glad to see you back and i hope everything goes good for you during your next adventure too! have a great night tonight tiff!!



July 7 2003, 22:59:09 UTC 14 years ago

yay tiff im glad you had fun! and glad you did so well! :D yay! tell me all about it when you get back from region 16!!!!!11