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hells yes it was a blast!

I'm back from Region 16 now! =D

I know.. yall missed me a ton! haha right.

Region 16 was a blast!! Like all shows are with Trowbridges! =]

I drove up with Sarah & her mom & dad that was fun.. the only stop we made when I was with them.. of all people who do we see..? Pat Trowbridge, Matt, Pat & Sarah! hahaha how funny is that? I ran after Pat Trowbridge into the store part of the gas station and was like knocking on the door/window and scared him. He was like how did you get here!? Hahah it was funny, then I found Matt, Pat & Sarah and they're like damn, where the did you come from!! We can't get rid of you huh! it was funny. Then they headed out & we did after gettin food etc.. Got to the show grounds & set up.. then I headed over to Trowbridge LTD and helped them set up.

The show was a blast.

First I must say this.

CONGRADULATIONS MISS U-TNN aka Nikki!!!! on your two Unanimous Championships with CheCheck!!! ANd Your Championship & Reserve Championship with BG Miss Khantucky!!!!!!!! AND YOUR TOP 5 IN EQUITATION MISS ANTI-EQ GIRL!!!!!! GO NIKKI YA!!!!! TNN ALL THE WAY BABY!!! THIRD NIP NIK! HAHAHAH =P

ANd Congradulations to everyone at Trowbridges!!!! Yall did great!!! Yay!!

Congradulations to Christy Stevens too with Rocket Man AA!! WOOO WOO!!!! =]

The show was sooo much fun!! I stayed with Sarah @ the hotel! Thanks Mary! =] I think I broke my left pinky or something. mhmm o well. Anyways.

I have so many stories from Reg 16 as well! But I will share them all later!

I slept over Nik's house last night & today we had a lot of fun! Pirates of the Carribean was so gooood!!! Mmhmmm!

but i'm goin to bed for now!! nite yall!!! more info later & stories! =]

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