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days go by

Good Afternoon yall!</marquee>

For the past few days aka Monday + Today.. I have woken up @ around... hmm 11:30am & later. =P Hey.. what can I say! I need the rest! :D eehehe. Let's recap yesterdays adventures.. shall well!?

Well for starters, I woke up @ 11:30am on Monday.. and I went online as always and chatted away. Meliss came home randomly @ like 1:30 and I was confused. We made plans to go out & that we did. She went with me to my Doc Appt, which was a Physical.. Yes I feel VIOLATED. Thank you Very Much! Grr!! I also had a Tetnus shot which sucked major Squirrel nuts!! It HURTS STILL!! Anyways.. after that we went to the East Field Mall and I went shopping! I got my perfume finally @ American Eagle.. and a pair of light light light pale khaki colored cargo pants which are fricken amazing!! Then we went to Aeropostale where I proceeded to buy a maroon colored Hoodie :D Mmhmm!! And then I bought a pair of White Sweat pants they're so soft.. and then I bought a pair of Black cargo pants which i LOVE.. and a pair of khaki cargo pants! :] Indeed it's amazing. Then after that we went to Pacific Sun.. and I bought a new wallet :P & I <3 this new wallet of mine!! After the shopping spree.. we sat down & got some pretzels and munched.. then headed to food mart to find the candy I wanted that i DID NOT FIND. Then headed to my house afterwards, and got my camera then went to Melsa's house.

We waited for Goose and he finally got there.. stupid traffic. Anyways, we then went to the gas station & then CVS to develop the pictures from the shows. Plus.. Meliss wanted to see a certain SOMEONE's Pics hehehe.. =P ANyways... we then went & got our pizza & such and then I went to get my pics.. and we also rented the movie, Basic. Which is amazing as always!

Anyways.. after the movie I went home.. and Talked to my friends online & then Matt on the phone. He's a freak! Super freak!! He has to work today @ the farm. And he best tell my baby boy, P - Wiggle, Hi or his ass is gonna be roasted!!! He's gona bring me shoppin one these days mmhmm. Shit, Canadian Nationals is gonna be a BLAST!!! Can't WAIT!! It'll be Me, Nik, Slick (Pat) & Slim (Matt). YEAH BABY!!!! It'll be a blast!! I cannot wait!! Weeeee!!! Canadia.. HERE COMES THE TROWBRIDGE CREW!

PS.. Matt.. no you won't be going to OzzFest.. because.. WE LEAVE FOR CANADIA THEN SMART CHILD!?! hahahaa Ssshhh!

ANyways... yea that's my story.. Today I have a dentist appointment @ 3:20pm..

Then i'm gonna go get a car wash & clean my car out so it's all shiney & spiffy!! And I need to find my drivers license since i.. LOST IT!?

so i'm out for now yall!!
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