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All About ME!

*Name* Tiffany

*Were you named after anyone?* nopers

*Do you wish on stars?* i gave up on that crap

*Have you ever consumed gasoline?* uh no

*Which finger is your favorite finger?* my thumb

*When did you last cry?*few nights ago..

*If you were making a movie about yourself, who would play you?* myself

*Who are you jealous of?* the people who are so wealthy and have 900 beautiful talented horses shoved in their face that they dont' even appreciate..

*What is the most important thing in your life?* Profit AA+/

*Have you ever screamed at your feet?* Knowing me.. Probably!

*What is your favorite lunch meat?* um i don't know.

*Have you ever owned a spork?* Spork! Spork! SPork!

*Any bad habits?* pickin @ my nails & such

*What store would you never be caught dead in?* i have no idea

*If you were another person, would you want to be friends WITH you?* who would.

*Are you a daredevil?* ummm

*Do you follow or lead?* leader

*Do you play with your food?* probably

*Have you ever had someone else play with your food?* um NO they're not allowd to touch my food unless i let them.

*Have you ever told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell?* no

*Have you ever stolen anything?* a cookie.. isn't that surprising lolol

*What was the biggest thing you have ever broken?* a christmas tree

*Have you ever given yourself a swirly?* a WHAT?

*Do you pray?* no

*Have you ever met anyone famous?* my trainer! :D

*Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?* ummmm

*Are you trendy?* i wear as i please!

*What do you do to vent anger?* i keep it balled up inside of me...

*Who is your second family?* The Spinellas & Flebottes & Betti's christ i have too many..

*Do you trust others easily?* too easily.. :: sigh ::

*What class in school did you think was totally useless?* pretty much everything

*Do you like sappy love songs?* mmhmm

*Have you ever been on radio or T.V?* Yuppers

*Do you have a journal?* Yep :D

*Have you ever hurt another person?* probably yes

*Have you ever given advice to others* i seem to be their advice person which i don't mind @ all.

*Have you ever been in a mosh pit* no

*Do you feel understood most of the time?* NO

*Do you know what a `sctief' is?* no wtf is that anyways.

*What is your nickname?* i have too many but here are a few.. Tiff, Tiffers, Tiffy, Tiff Tiff, Tiffy Wiffy, Iffy, Tiffness, Sniff, Sped shit, Spedmonkey, Dork, Dorkis, Shaniqua, Chispa, Sparky, Tiffety wiffety, Gnome-e, Spedwonder.. mmhmm

*Would you ever bungee jump?* uhhuh

*Do you untie your shoes everytime you take them off?* no

*Have you ever given money to a bum?* yup

*What are you worried about right now?* i'm bored to fuckin tears!

*Do you wear overalls?* i do but i don't own a pair currently!

*Do you think you are strong, physically, mentally, emotionally?* NO to all.

*What's your favorite scent?* fresh cut grass/hay.. Hugo!, Horses! Horse Shows!

*What's the worst show on T.V.?* Uhh i dono.

*What's the best TV show?* Unsolved Mysteries, Law & Order, NYPD BLue, ER, WilL & Grace

*Last Words* Squeee!

*Name you wish you had* i like my name alot actually.

*What Shampoo do you use?* Vive

*Favorite color* metallic blue, BLUE, RED, SILVER & Black

*Favorite Person* i have several

*Height* 5'4 & a half!

*Shoe Size* 8 or 8 & 1/2

*Hair Color* reddish brown

*Eye Color* light brown

*Pets* 2 Siberian Huskies, 1 Pied Cockitiel, and 1 Arabian horse!

*Pets you wish you had* a WELSH CORGI LIKE BENTLY!!!

*What time is it right now?* 1:35pm

*Last movie you saw in theater?* Pirates of the Carribean with Nik!

*Last movie you rented* Basic!

*Favorite School Subject?* Psychology & Health hehehe

*Do you actually like math?* nnoooooo

*Favorite Book* Seabiscuit

*Favorite Store* Aeropostale, Pacific Sun, AE, AF, Old Navy

*Favorite Song* My Immortal - Evanescence.. and Could I Just be You - Matchbox 20 and Hero by Chad Kroeger!

*Favorite cologne for a guy* HUGO ALL THE WAY BABY!! mmm... :: drools ::

*What languages do you speak?* too many

*What do you look for in a friend?* trust worthy, honesty, caring, friendly, outgoing, funny, good personality, hard working, dedicated, all that good stuff.

*What do you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend?* good personality, funny, out going, a nut, trust worthy, caring, honesty, dedicated, likes horses, supportive, tall, dark hair, light eyes.. fun to be around & talkative!

*Do you have a crush on anyone?* that's for me to know & you to find out! :D

*Who?* :P my close friends know who it is.. RIGHT GUyS!!? hehehe :P

*How many people are on your buddy list?* 199 on my aol buddy list.

*Who's your favorite relative* My Grandmother

*What type of music do you like?* alternative, rock, 80's rock, soft rock, some punk & emo.
*What are your favorite sports?* EQUESTRIAN!

*Are you on any sports teams?* no

What are your opinions on...

*Eating Disorders* sad

*Rap* ew

*Marilyn Manson* ew

*Boy Bands* funny

*Spice girls* herrre we go again

*Titanic* leonardo Dicraprio can die

*South Park* TImmmmmmmmmmyy!

When you hear this name, who/what do you think of...

*Matt* EMPHATYGALS!?!?! hahahah Reg 14, 15 & 16 was a blast this year and you still need to tell me what those Private convos between you & Profit were about or i'll be forced to pry it out of Prof kus he will tell me! Canadian Nationals is gonna be fricken AmAZiNG!
*Summer* i dono anyone named summer

*Brad* paisley

*Tiffany* I AM AWSOME!! heheheh... Besides myself.. the HERMAPHRODITE!? AHahahah

*Paul* :: shudder ::

*Abby* um dono

*Stephen* my friends bro

*Bryan* Stace what do you have to say? LOL

*Lisa* She's a great rider!

*Jenny* Rides with Springwater

*Becca* haha marcy that's too funny that yall end up @ the same place.

*Greg* o my shit this man was so beautiful I almost shit myself. :: DROOLS ::

More Random Questions...

*What C.D's in your C.D. player right now?* Evanescence

*What does your school look like?* peice of shit

*Do you go to private or public school?* public

*Do you want to get married?* i suppose

*What's something you do that TICKS off your friends?* breathing

*What's your favorite music video?* I don't know

Either or Neither...

*MTV or VH1?* MTV

*Backstreet Boys or N*SYNC* BSB i'm listenin to Larger than Life LMAO

*7th Heaven or Party of Five* both?

*Diet Pepsi or Pepsi One* ewww

*Brandy or Monica* eh no

*Vanilla or Chocolate* Vanilla!

*Saved by the Bell or USA High?* Saved by the Bell

*I know What you did last summer or Scream?* neither

*Taken or Single* i'm single but i'd rather be taken...

*Silver or Gold* Both

*Jerry Springer or Ricki Lake* I always thought it was Sally JR not sally jessi raphael.. lol

The Last of the Random Questions...

*Favorite Name for a girl* Skyler, Tiffany, Piper, Ashton & Devon

*Favorite Name for a boy* Devon, Sebastian, Greg, Matt, Dave, Chad, & Joel

*Ever been to England* nope

*Where do you want to go on your honeymoon* no idea

*What do you think of the song,"Pretty Fly 4 a White Guy"?* how aboout "Pretty fly for a Rabbii(sp?)" lmao...

*Vegetarian?* i'd die if i was!

*Know anyone who is?* yepp

*If you could move anywhere in the world where would it be?* Next door to Trowbridges!

*Do you want to join a sorority or fraternity?* nooooo

*What time is it now?* time for tiff to rest or find food.
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