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whoo! Did ya miss me!?

Alrighty so where do i start.

;; Friday ;;

I went to the farm @ around 9am (i left my house) and got there @ like 10:30. Brought some clothes to change into & all that good stuff. I helped Rosa lunge horses and did whatever to help and had fun. Yup yup! Anywho.. had a good day. Sarah & her mom came down to check out the farm so that was cooL! ;D Yay!! I so hope that they bring Werdikt down and come train with is!! Fingers Crossed!! :D They're frickne awsome!

After we were done with everything, me & matt went into the office with the others and Mary got this email from her Nephew Mike that was this game.. an online game.. a michael jackson game.. LOL YOu had to catch the babies he threw off the building with a basket! LMAO. I WON!!! Mary had the lowest score!! She claims that she didn't try.. SURE MARY SURE! haha Pat was gettin all into it and competitive!! haha it was funny as hell! BUT I WAS THE VICTOR!!!! After that, I went with Matt to his house. Met his Mom, Dad and Lil bro, and then I went and changed. We waited for Steve-o aka Scarey sketchy steve to come check out his car to tell him what was wrong with it.. YWEAAHh.. that car is SHOT. After Steve left, Dan came over and he was cool. Apparently Steve is a practiciing wiccan. He Was very nice to me though so I have no complaints. While Matthew was takin a shower I was talkin to Dan downstairs @ the table in the kitchen area kinda dining room area. That kid is hillarious! Mmhm!! Finally Matt got done takin a shower & gettin clean so he could go and impress his girlie, Beth. We all headed out to the Danbury Mall.

At the mall, I met FRED. ENOUGH SAID there. Haha. Ahem. SCAREY PERSON!!! WARNING! haha. Then we met Beth & her friends. And I also got to meet Ghetto.. whos real name is ANthony but they just renamed him Ghetto. He's cool. I got to meet Beth who was real nice. She was the best out of her groupy.. her friends, we weren't too fond of. Then Matt when shopping for Shoes and stuff. Meanwhile Dan was having heart trauma because he HATES the mall.

Wandered around, chatted some more, wandered more and then the decision was made that we were gonna split. Me, Matt and Ghetto went to the Diner and Beth & Co went.. well I dono where. @ the diner.. Ghetto had heart trauma.. We tried to calm him down. Sorta succeeded. Then Beth & Pam came and we all chatted and then the rest of the girls came.. Gag me now. Ugh.

I ended up leaving @ around 11:20pm kus I had to get home & wake up the next morning to drive out to the farm. Needless to say I got home late @ quarter to 1am. And yes I SPED home haha.

That was a fun Night. Yes Matthew I approve of her! :D

;; Saturday ;;

now this was a GREAT day!! First off I was supposed to be @ the farm @ 9am like I had said but I didn't. Mhmmm. I woke up late because I was exhausted from friday night. Go fig. Anywho.. I brought my dog, Nick, along with me to the farm. Stopped @ the gas station to get Matt's Starbucks coffee thing and bought all they had. Then went to the farm & stuff. we all went to lunch & that was cool then came back and I rode Profit. That was an interesting ride to say the least. haha he's such a dorkis!! Then Nikki rode Miss KY and that was an awsome go!!! After that we all chilled and talked and then when all the chores were done, we decided to go out to dinner @ The Hatch. This restaurant is right off the river "around the corner" as Pat & Mary like to say. It was Mary, Nikki, Alice, Pat, Mike and I that went out to dinner! IT was fricken awsome!!!! Talk about fun! We made a new friend named Victor thanks to Alice hahaha.. And then I started a food fight ahhaha that was o so lovely!! Mary like died of laughter because of that. We pissed off some chic behind us kus we threw stuff onto her and her bf/husband or whatever. That was way amusing! We got done with dinner @ Around say.... 8pm?? Pat went to drop Mike off @ the train station then Me, Mary, Nikki & Alice went to the farm because Mary had to give check on the babies etc. We got back to the farm then followed (SOMEWHAT) Mary back to her house so she could change. THen we headed out to meet Pat @ the movies in New Milford (Where the movie, Mr. Deeds was filmed). We got to New Milford.. we were all a little.. crazy haha. We started to call Pat, ATM!!! hahaha that was nuts. We all went to see Pirates of the Carribean!! That movie is just absolutely BRILLIANT!! We all loved it needless to say. This was Nikki's 3rd time watching it and my 2nd time watchin git. Mary got a kick out of that movie hahaha. Def a see again film!! And yes anyways.. After the movies I went back to the farm (Pat & Mary dropped me off) to get my dog Nick who stayed in the mare barn in a stall. He wasn't too happy with me. But yea by then it was quarter of 12. Needless to say the trip home was terrible because tiff was EXHAUTED!!!! >:O But i got home @ 1:45am! Score!

I got home and that was that.

;; Sunday ;;

I didn't really do much @ all.. @ around 4pm, I went to 6 Flags with Kreig. He picked me up. I really like his car. It's a Subaru Outback mmhmm! Anyweeeees, we went to 6 flags and that was a blast!! We went on two rides though only.. the lines were long as helllllll! We went on the Mind eraser first and that KILLED MY EARS! MY piercings in my right ear started to bleed. ;[ :: sigh :: then we went on the Superman and that wait was FOREVER!! But it was worthit!! :D Afterwards we wandered around, had some fried dough, chilled and all that good stuff. I had a lot of fun and he said he did too! We left the theme park @ around 9pm and headed back home to CT. I hadn't hung out with him in like forever, and this was the most fun I had with him in a longggggggg time! He was very happy. He definately has changed quite a bit. Talk about growing up some more. Good boy! ha..

After that I got home @ like ... hummmm.... 10 or something. I don't remember. Came home and talked to a groupie of people! People seem to be comin to me for help with the relationship info. What I don't get is WHY ME? HOW Successful am i with them? Perdy damn NOT successful if you ask me! Psshaw to that shizzay! And then, so ya. Piper called me like 3 times but when I called back she never picked up! Lil TURD!! I WANA KNOW HOW YN IS!!!! YOU BEST BE KICKEN BOOOOOTAY LIKE YOU SHOULD MISS THANG!!! YOU AND MISS. WC BEY JULIET BETTER BE KICKIN SOME BOOTAY IN THE HA WP JTR & JOTR 14-17 DIVISION!!!!!! KNOCK EM DOWN BABY!! =]

Anywho, sometime around I don't know, 10:30 or so, Matt signed on and immed me and then called me after Piper call. Something like that. Then we chatted. He's definately my advice person as well. He was slightly buzzed but then it died off. He's callin Beth right now to have a "Talk" about what is goin on. For all I care, she neeeds to make up her mind with what she wants kus it ain't fair to my pal over here to keep waitin on her, kus dude, no. She's a great girl definately but she needs to figure things out. So yea. Good luck to you bud! If he's gonna call he said he'd sign on sometime before 1:30am.. if he signs on, that means things aren't too good is my guess.. and if he doesn't, things are good. So let's hope for the best for them two! For his bday I guess they're renting a hotel room and gettin trashed completely haha, how could I not have guessed that one!! But yea, East Coast I bet will be some fun! I wana ask Mary & Pat if I can go to work & help out! That'll be great. Matt says I gotta live in the stalls with them one of these days kus thats where the real fun is! haha I bet. They both think I'm a freak! I so am not! I'm an innocent angel! :X hahah right. So that's about it!

I think I just broke some cartilage bone on my left ear thing. EEEK! As for today, aka MONDAY. I don't know what I"m doin.. probably resting is the good plan of mine for now! ;D

Matt and I planned that we're goin to 6 Flags one these days, and that's gonna be his bday present from me. Mhmm! That'll be a fricken blast!! He's giving me lots of advice on the relationship issues i have. GOod deal dude! My own personal maseause (i definately just butchered that word. eep!)

well im out for now! take care
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I didnt kno ur going to east coast. Were not going tho. We went one year tho. :-/ anyway. Next time u go to six flags u need to stop by my house!! im like 10 mins from there..alright? well we will have to discuss this

<3 jame