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For starters..

Thanks everyone that tried to cheer me up last night when I was feeling like a miserable pile of SHIT. Thanks for all the support & all, I appreciate it so much. Thanks yall!;]

On a different note.. I didn't really do much today. I mean, I didn't go to bed til sometime past 3am this morning because let's take a guess as to why.. well Matt called me @ around 12 something at night.. and we chatted. He cheered me up some which was good and just talked which is funny as hell as always! I was forbidden to fall asleep because he didn't have work on Tuesday so he decided to keep me awake/up. He's gonna be working East Coast by himself so I think i'll go with my plan to go help out because I have never been there before either. He doesnt' think I'll go through with that plan! RIGHT. YOu'll see!

Anywho.. by the time it was 3am something.. both of us were falling asleep on the phone so we said goodbye & such! Anyhow.. He said he'd call me whenever he woke up or before he leaves today.

I woke up @ 9am which was alright. Didn't do much @ all today. Just chilled & rested.. caught back on some much needed SLEEP. Matt ended up callin me around 1pm. Talked for a bit and it was funny as always. Then Ghetto came and they left for the Hotel and stuff for the party tonite. He said he'd prolly end up callin me tonight sometime to see whats up etc. So, that's cool.


His real b-day is tomorrow. Indeed.

Today I also talked to Meliss on the phone.. she called me while i was napping. She had her senior pics done and said they turned out good! I need to schedule an appointment for myself soon for that stuff.

So that's my story.

I decided today what my EQ song willbe for nationals. This is the night, by Clay Aiken. It's an amazing song that will work out perfectly!! Lyrics are incredible too!

Kreig called tonight so we talked a bit. then he had to go kus Casey arrived. FUN. uh huh.

so that's my story.. indeed.
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