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Bwahahahahaha 0;D

Drms of rses (10:27:53 PM): lol is Spike going to turn into a gigantic cheeto? lol
ByTwilight17 (10:28:04 PM): yes probably
ByTwilight17 (10:28:09 PM): now he's attacking my magizines
Drms of rses (10:28:11 PM): lmao
ByTwilight17 (10:28:15 PM): and pretending he's innocent
Drms of rses (10:28:19 PM): LOL
ByTwilight17 (10:28:20 PM): by sitting all fat and such
Drms of rses (10:28:22 PM): just like you!!!
Drms of rses (10:28:24 PM): hahaha
ByTwilight17 (10:28:29 PM): lolol i AM innocent what are you talkin about
ByTwilight17 (10:28:32 PM): that incident never happend
Drms of rses (10:28:42 PM): bull shit... lmao that's like saying i'm innocent
Drms of rses (10:28:56 PM): everyone thinks i am tho O:-):-D
ByTwilight17 (10:29:14 PM): lololol you and me man we're innocent angels
Drms of rses (10:29:23 PM): of course-ums lol
Drms of rses (10:29:56 PM): *duct tapes Tiff's pants on* lmao
ByTwilight17 (10:30:05 PM): lololol
Drms of rses (10:30:19 PM): forget condoms lmao jk
Drms of rses (10:30:44 PM): if you duct tape your pants on it will never get that far and you wont even need condoms lmao
ByTwilight17 (10:30:49 PM): LMAO
ByTwilight17 (10:30:52 PM): ahahahahhahahaha
ByTwilight17 (10:30:53 PM): oooommmggg
ByTwilight17 (10:30:55 PM): good idea
Drms of rses (10:30:58 PM): LOL
ByTwilight17 (10:30:58 PM): i will tell my doc that
Drms of rses (10:31:12 PM): see I am a Gene-E!-US lol
ByTwilight17 (10:31:58 PM): oh ya baby!
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